Happy Customers

Last year while filming a show for Food Network Canada, Peter saved the day when my fleet of knives fell, tips first, to the floor. Minutes after my frantic phone call, Peter arrived in his retrofitted bus. Less than an hour later all of my knives were back in my hands, good as new if slightly shorter. I’ll never forget how thankful I was, and am, for his exceptional service.

Conor Lowe
Chef, Smitty's Oyster House,
Extraordinary! Peter is a master at sharpening and has a thorough knowledge of metallurgy. As a fine woodworker who requires exceptionally sharp blades, I was loyal to another company for the past 20 years -- until Blade Runner appeared! My saw blades, spoke shaves, and knives cut better than ever, leaving little or no tool marks or tear-outs.

Steve Webber
Webber Custom Woodworking
Roberts Creek

My collection of chef's knives is essential to my cooking and I have always had them professionally sharpened, sometimes directly with the manufacturer. But now I’ve discovered that excellence in knife sharpening is locally available. Blade Runner’s mobile service will have my business as long as it rolls through my town!   

Stacey Clayton
Culinary arts enthusiast


As a woodworker I have used Peter's service regularly on my saw blades and router bits, always with an excellent result. As well as the sharp edges and the quick return of my blades, I've been overwhelmed with the customer service.

Lorne Booth
L.E.B. Fine Woodworking

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